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Privacy Policy

Our business requires us to collect certain data about our customers - here's how and what we collect, described in plain English. We value transparency from other people and companies and return the favor as best we can - it's our way.

Data Usage

Personal Information

Through our Contact Forms, we collect some of your personal information - based on being a lawn care service provider, we store your Full Name, Address of Service, Phone Number, Email Address, and the Services you are/have been interested in using via our Business.


We engage in various Marketing efforts. We do not sell any of the Personal Information you've given us through ANY means to any third-party company, directly or intentionally.

We make use of Facebook/Meta Advertising Tools, the Facebook/Meta Pixel, and Google Analytics services. Each of these companies has their own Agreements and Data Usage choices which may use your information in additional ways when you visit our website. These decisions/usage are made based on the separate agreements of Google and Facebook/Meta.


When you put your Email into our system, this Email is saved and we may use it to send you additional information about our Products or Services. We always offer you the ability to Opt Out of these emails as that's what anyone would want. If you Opt Out/Unsubscribe from our mailing list, that's the end of it, you won't hear from us again via Email.

Phone Number

When you put your Phone Number into our system (via our Contact Form or Facebook/Meta Leads Form), our Sales Team will call you. Data Usage rates may apply based on your Cell Service Provider and the agreement they have with you.

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